29.05.19 Contribution to the understanding between different cultures

A delegation of 10 people from Honolulu recently visited the Thurgau University of Teacher Education for two weeks. The visit took place as part of the project «Teaching and Learning for a Globalized and Sustainable World» which is carried out in partnership with the University of Hawai’i.

The visitors` program focussed on school visits on all levels, lectures and excursions dealing with various aspects of the host country Switzerland. In addition, common work sessions with students of the Thurgau University of Teacher Education taking part in the Master's project «Global learning» took place. The main emphasis was on topics dealing with education for sustainable development. The International Office organized a comprehensive social and cultural program which was actively supported by the participants of the project at the Thurgau University of Teacher Education and other volunteers.
The students of the University of Hawai'i together with the accompanying lecturers also contributed to the successful visit. They organized a lunch break program for all employees and students at the Thurgau University of Teacher Education where they gave a short insight into the history and culture of the Hula. In addition, they taught all participants a so-called seated Hula.

The short internships represented another highlight. These internships were completed in small groups of two students and took place in primary schools in Kreuzlingen and Ermatingen. The students from Hawai'i not only gave inspiring classes about the Hawaiian islands and their culture but also taught a series of lessons with the topic «What if there weren't any bees?». During these lessons, the pupils learned about bee mortality and the issue of gradual loss in biodiversity.

All classes highly appreciated the guests' lessons. They provided a good example as to how the topics of education for sustainable development can be successfully taught even in a foreign language by combining content and language tuition in a meaningful way.

The project «Teaching and Learning for a Globalized and Sustainable World» is financed by the open project funds of Movetia, the Swiss Agency for Exchange and Mobility. The project managers are Gerit Jaritz and Prof. Dr. Christina Colberg.