02.05.18 International, interdisciplinary and sustainable

For the third time Maria Vinney (University of Winchester) and Dr. Alastair Daniel (University of Roehampton, London) held a four-day long workshop in English at the Thurgau University of Teacher Education. The workshop which was part of a European staff mobility programme was an enrichment to the attractive choices of the study week Rhythm and Design.

This time five students from Winchester took part in the workshop. Together with five students from the Thurgau University of Teacher Education and four guest students, they began by exploring what a good story is and looked at various story telling methods. The final performance was entirely without words which presented a major challenge to the students. However, seeing the heterogeneous composition of the group in respect to language and culture, the latter choice seemed to be more than appropriate. The students designed masks, life-size puppets and other figures made from different materials and objects enabling them to tell a succinct story without using any words. They chose the Italian Renaissance artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo as a source of inspiration.
«Adventures in Art & Puppetry» – staff mobility with model character.

Video recordings showing selected workshop scenes as well as the final story and performance