BiSE Forschungskolloquium: Monika Donker, MSc (Utrecht University, the Netherlands)

Datum: 29.05.18
Ort:Universität Konstanz, C 252

29.05.2018 | What’s going on in the classroom? Dynamic processes of teachers’ affective responses and interpersonal behavior during teaching

Teaching is a challenging profession, and requires continuous affective regulation and interpersonal adaptation of teachers to changing classroom contexts. My study focusses on the dynamics of these affective and interpersonal processes to get insight into the challenges of teaching, by combining heart rate measures, behavioral observation, and questionnaires. Results indicate that teachers differ to a large extent in their affective responses and interpersonal classroom dynamics, and that these dynamics are related to teacher outcomes, such as emotions and burnout. Implications for research and practice will be discussed.


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