16.03.19 Skiing adventure on International Winter Day 2019

On the 16th of March 2019 the International Office organized a day in the mountains for all international guest students at the Thurgau University of Teacher Education. Most of the guest students were surprised by the warm and sunny weather on their arrival in February. All the more were they delighted to see lots snow and the Swiss mountains.

The «skiing» adventure already started with the organization of suitable clothes. Luckily, thanks to the help of students and lecturers at the Thurgau University of Teacher Education everybody found a suitable outfit and the motivated group had a brilliant day's skiing in the blasting sunshine. Apart from a few exceptions none of the students from China, Israel, Ireland and the Netherlands had ever been on skis. As a consequence, the first steps on skis were a great challenge and unexpectedly tiring. Under the expert instruction of Gerit Jaritz, coordinator for mobility and international relations, and Nicolas Lüscher, lecturer in the Sports Department, however, the students soon showed the first signs of success. Everybody made impressive progress and by the end of the day they were very proud of themselves.
After the skiing lessons the group went to a cosy mountain chalet where they enjoyed the gorgeous evening sun. Tired and hungry as they were, the delicious cheese fondue was a great way to round up the day. The adventure ended with a speedy toboggan ride back down into the valley.

Text: Gerit Jaritz